Born: October 19, 1968 in Pazardzhik

Tsvetana Bozhilova has dominated the world heavyweight tatami for many years.

She has 7 medals from the European Championships - silver and 6 bronze, third at the World Cup in Birmingham in 1999 and won 14 more awards from World Cup, Grand Prix and A category tournaments.

Bozhilova was third at the prestigious tournament in Paris in 1989. World military champion in Zagreb in 1999 and second in Dubrovnik two years earlier. European Champion for Police (2007). She twice won the US Open in Colorado Springs (1988, 1990). After the end of her career, she and like-minded people created a club named after her "Bozhilova-martial arts".


Bonze European Championships 2004 Bucharest (Romania) Women,over 78 kg
Bonze European Championships 2003 Dusseldorf (Germany) Women,open
Bonze European Championships 2000 Wroclaw (Poland) Women,open
Gold World Military Championships 1999 Zagreb (Croatia) Women,78 kg
Bonze World Championships 1999 Birmingham (England) Women,open
Silver European Championships 1999 Bratislava (Slovakia) Women,78 kg
Silver World Military Championships 1997 Dubrovnik, Croatia Women,over 72 kg
Bonze European Championships 1995 Birmingham (England) Women,open
Bonze European Championships 1990 Frankfurt (Germany) Women,open
Bonze European Championships 1988 Pamplona ( Spain) Women,open