Balaban with gold, Gramatikova with silver at the European Cups

21 June 2021

Anastasia Balaban celebrates the title of European Girls' Cup tournament in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

The national team was unbeatable in the category up to 48 kg, achieving 4 victories. At the start she defeated the Spaniard Gemma Gomez with vazari, then she defeated Ipon Lea Metrot (France), followed by a new ipon against Rita Rebecca Kojegi (Hungary), and in the final she defeated the Frenchwoman Anais Perot - vazari.

Balaban is a silver medalist at the Youth Olympic Games in 2019, the same year she won silver at the continental cadet championship.
In the same category, Alexa Georgieva recorded a prestigious victory against the Azerbaijani Gulshan Bashirova, but was then stopped by the future finalist Peron.

Lydia Brancheva almost reached the award. The young national remained fifth in the 63kg category after losing to Hungary's Brigita Varga.

In the repechages Lydia achieved two victories - against the representative of the hosts Yosipa Brvenik and the Turk Ayten Jaxen.

Stanislav Stefanov samples to the repechages in the category up to 90 kg.

And Snezhana Gramatikova won silver at the European Cadet Cup in Porec (Croatia). Our girl registered 4 victories - over Clara Brogey (Slovenia), Angelica Demate (Italy), the Frenchwoman Mylis Rosen, and in the semifinals she defeated another Italian Stefania Solina - Ipon. In the decisive fight Snezhina lost to a third Italian - Savita Rousseau, Ipon.

The tournaments in Porec and Sarajevo were the first for our young nationals after a two-year break due to the pandemic.