Anastasia Balaban

Born: December 24, 2002 in Odessa (Ukraine)

From 2019 she competes for Bulgaria.

Winner of 9 more medals from European cups in the cadets. She is fifth at the 2019 World Cadet Championships in Almaty.

Bonze European Cup 2022 Malaga, Spain Juniors, women,48 kg
Bonze European Cup 2022 Athens Juniors, women,48 kg
Gold European Cup 2021 Prague ( Czech) Juniors, women,48 kg
Gold European Cup 2021 Sarajevo ( Bosnia and Herzegovina) Juniors, women,48 kg
Silver European Cup 2019 Cluj-Napoca (Romania) Cadets, women,44 kg
Silver Youth Olympic Festival 2019 Baku Cadets, women,44 kg
Silver European Championships 2019 Warsaw Cadets, women,44 kg
Bonze European Cup 2019 Berlin Cadets, women,44 kg