Georgy Tonkov

Born: April 5, 1975, Pazardzhik

Georgi Tonkov has been a holder in heavy and super heavyweight categories for many years. Apart from judo, he also had success in sambo, where he won two European titles and became a four-times world champion in juniors.

He also played 2 matches in MMA. He is the only Bulgarian so far to receive an invitation and participate in the prestigious Jigaro Kano Cup tournament in Japan in 2005.

The talented judoka died in 2008, at the age of 33, stricken with an insidious disease. In 2020, the first international tournament in memory of Georgi Tonkov was held in his hometown of Pazardzhik.



Silver World Military Championships 2002 Beijing (China) Men,over 100 kg
Bonze European Championships 1995 Valladolid (Spain) Juniors, men,95 kg
Bonze European Championships 1994 Lisbon (Portugal) Juniors, men,95 kg